Trailer for the short film 'Lullaby For Lucious And Sumat.' Written by Alvin Campaña and Maylee Todd.

Part live-action/part animation/part collage this is a

story inspired by Todd's track "A Lullaby for my fictitious Children Lucious and Sumat." 

The story's main focus is on the moon and him falling in love with a mysterious woman. The beautiful event will upsets the balance of the whole world. Like so many mortals before him, Moon's peaceful life is turned upside-down when he falls in love.

Producers: Steven N. Bray, Alvin Campaña
Director: Alvin Campaña
Cinematographer: P. Marco Veltri
Original Score: Maylee Todd

Trevor Jablonowski as Moon
Maylee Todd as Maylee
Cara Spooner as Pagan Leader
Andrew Kerr as Werewolf Human
Jennifer Rumberger as Female Lover
Christopher Younger as Male Lover 

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