Virtual Womb is a multimedia experience that includes projections, live video feed, dancing, installation and music.

The audience brings their own blanket, walks through a large vagina installation, lies on the floor watches projections on the ceiling that coincide with the live musical performance containing harp, electronics, samplers, a string quartet, and a small choir. The music is all from my 3rd upcoming album “Acts of Love.”

The audience participates in an exchange of information by sending their “Acts Of Love” (practices for coping with depression, or activities that bring them joy) by tweeting it to #mayleetoddactsoflove. All these practices will live on my site under Acts Of Love so anyone can access these practices, potentially helping another individual with depression or giving inspiration.

A description of the show. Video by Marco Lebretti

 The Great Hall

Vagina Installation by Roxanne Ignatius

Projections by Jason Lutz, Fred Yurichuk and Maylee Todd

Audience lies on the ground

Projection by Jared Sales

Projection by Jared Sales

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