New album Acts of Love is out now!

Produced, Written, Arranged, & Performed by Maylee Todd

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“sleek, downtempo R&B, occasionally suggesting the sophistication of Sade, to chilly industrial dance-pop, all the while beckoning the listener into an intimate space where daydreams can go undisturbed.” - Jewly Hight, NPR Music

"On Acts of Love, Todd has found herself — not committed to any particular genre, but to music highly rooted in authenticity, integrity and emotional complexity." - Ryan B. Patrick, Exclaim!

"The warmth of the arrangements and the smooth grace of the melodies make Acts of Love an easy record to cuddle up with. It's also an impressive work of auteurism" - Tim Sendra, All Music

Something for the night time, the right time and those tranquil moments between” - Zo, Okayplayer

"Todd's penchant for evolving as an artist—both inside of music and in her other visual endeavors—makes her work thrilling because she feeds her creative spirit, not adhering to a trend" - Sarah MacDonald, Noisey

"Todd delves deep, emerging with stunning sound treasures."
Chaka V. Grier, NOW Magazine

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