Music is Performed and Produced by: Maylee Todd

Additional Arrangements: Stefan Banjevic and La-nai Gabriel

Choreographer: Diana Reyes

Projections: Jared Sales, Fred Yurichuk, Jason Lutz, Jeepneys, Toi, Alex McLeod, and Maylee Todd

Videos for the Live show: Marc Libretti

Vulva Installation: Roxanne Ignatius 

VIRTUAL WOMB VI TORONTO 2017 @ArtGalleryOfOntario

String Trio: Brandon DeGroote, Stefan Banjevic and Yoobin Ahn

Drummer: Chino DeVilla

Dancer: Charise Aragoza

VIRTUAL WOMB V PHILIPPINES 2017 Manila Fringe @PineappleLab

Choreographer and Dancer: Diana Reyes

Visual Tech: Fred Yurichuk

Funding: Mnl Fringe and Canada Arts Council


String Quartet: Allegra Chamber Orchestra

Guitar, Bkup Vox and Dancer: Charise Aragoza

Installation Techs: Todd Simmons and Char Loro

Funding by Make Good and Canada Arts Council


Dancers: Charise Aragoza, Benjamin Kamino and Filipino Collective HATAW

Tech and Live Feedback: Dan Taz

Pictures: Joseph Fuda 

VIRTUAL WOMB II NEW YORK 2016 @uniondocsbrooklyn

String Section: Brandon DeGroote and Stephan Banjevic

Dancer and Bkup Vox: Charise Aragoza

Tech and Live Feedback: Dan Taz

VIRTUAL WOMB I TORONTO 2015 @thegreathall

Back Up Vox: Genevieve Marentette, Maya Kiltron and Janele Andre

String Quartet: Yoobin Ahn, Stephen Banjevic, Alison Stewart, and Brandon DeGroote

Lighting: Daniele Guevara

Sound: Henry Blackwell

Live Feed and Tech: Dan Taz and Chris Shannon

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