Incorporating Waccking and Contemporary Dance with live dancers, Digital Collage with Virtual Beings, Projection Mapping, Interaction with audience members, digital/video feedback, Installation and all performed with a live band; electronics, harp, string quartet and bkup vox.

2018 Virtual Womb Presented by Chapel Sound at The Beaumont, Vancouver, B.C.

2018 Virtual Womb Presented by Fringe Manila Asian Tour at Dulo, Manila, Philippines

2018 Virtual Womb Presented by Intramuros Open City in Manila, Philippines

2017 Virtual Womb Acts Of Love Record Release The Great Hall, Toronto

2017 Virtual Womb Pop Halifax Explosion, Halifax

2017 Virtual Womb AGO First Thursdays, Toronto

2017 Virtual Womb at Fringe MNL at Pineapple Lab, Manila, Philippines

2016 Cosmic Portal TIFF’s Boombox at Tiff Lightbox, Toronto

2016 Virtual Womb at Wisehall, Vancouver, B.C.

2015- 2016 Virtual Womb at The Great Hall, Toronto

2016 Virtual Womb at Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Summerworks Presents: Maylee Todd’s Musical Planetarium at The Great Hall Toronto


2018 Projections for Hataw’s live stage show, a Filipino Folk Dance Troupe.

2015- Present Virtual Womb Shows Domestic and International

2017 Third World An Interactive projection Dance piece rooted in filipino exploration

2016 Summerworks Presents: Inamorata: The 3- D Projected Mapped Virtual Dress.

at Pia Bouman Theatre, Toronto. 

2016 Astral Projections For the AGO Massive Party

2016 Projection Mapping on warehouse building for Exploring New Landscapes for Design at Circle Wellness Centre, Vancouver, B.C.


2016 Virtual Womb Presents: See Everyone As A Guru. A Series Of Mixed Mediums for the Psychonautic 

2015 Absolut X PRIDE Toronto X Maylee Todd Present: Life Size Unicorns Installation

2013 New Traditions Program at Artscape at Gibraltar’s Point: Female Cyborg Torso 

2010- 2013 Artscape Gibraltar: Threading Blood. An ongoing series of stories by female identifying folk. 


2016 Long Winter at The Great Hall Goat Gladiators: Fusing gladiator competition and comedy with audience participation.

2015 Long Winter at The Great Hall The Crying Room: DIY Therapy. Come and Cry.

2015 Camp Wavelength presents Vagina Dreams: Birthing Audience members dreams

2013- 2015 Long Winter at The Great Hall, Clay and Paper Theatre!

Goat Gladiators: Fusing gladiator competition and comedy with audience participation.

2010 MUCH MORE presents Body Roc: An Interactive Performance fusing Comedy & Aerobics 

2010 Various Venues across Canada Tour with USS as Sweatshop Hop

2008- 2010 Kapisanan Filipino Centre for the Arts, The Boat, Lee’s Palace, SXSW: Sweatshop Hop: An Interactive Performance fusing Comedy and Aerobics 

2005-2006 Second City: Sketch Writer/Performer and Improviser. Students Touring Company


2018 Billboard Live Tokyo, Japan Asian Tour 2 Shows

2018 187 Toronto

2017 Pop Montreal. Montreal, Quebec

2017 Canada Anniversary at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

2017 Soul Circle Radio, Los Angeles

2017 MUSIKARTA at Studio 9, Hong Kong

2016 Daniel Spectrum Spectrum Artscape. Regent Park, Toronto

2016 Sound Chapel at VAL, Vancouver

2016 The Interactive Film gate Festival at The Deauville Ballroom. Miami, Fl

2015 Field Trip, Fort York

2015 Main Stage TIFF Fest 

2013-2015 Kultura Festival

2010-2015 NXNE Festival 

2010-2015 CMW Festival

2014 Filipino Fashion Week

2014 AGO Massive Gold Party

2014 Opening for Thundercat at Wrong Bar, Toronto

2014 Opening for The Budos Band Lee’s Palace, Toronto

2014 TedXToronto Performance at Koener Hall, Toronto

2014 Crossover Jazzfest Tokyo, Japan

2013 Winnipeg Jazz Festival

2013 Montreal Jazz Festival 

2013 HillSide Festival

2013 CBC Sounds Of The Season, Glenn Gould Studios

2013 Billboard Tokyo, Japan

2012 Miami Interaction Film Fest

2011 Opening for Esthero Lee’s Palace, Toronto

2011 Opening for Janelle Monoe, Koln, Germany

2011 Les Transmusicales de Rennes, France

2010 MIDEM Cannes, France

2010 Maylee Todd across Canada Tour


2017 Acts Of Love LP

2016 Lonely/Poetry Of Intuition(Single and B side 7”) 

2013 Baby's Got It (remixes 7”)

2013 Escapology LP

2012 Baby’s Got It (single 7”)

2011 Hieroglyphics (remixes 7”)

2011 Aerobics in Space (remix 12”)

2011 Choose Your Own Adventure LP


2016 Filipino Jeepney Soul Waacking Dance and Music Performance

2016 Dancer for The Amazing Gayle Pile Show on Seso

2016 Vice Daily: Feature on Cosmic Portal 

2016 TVO The Agenda: Inside the Pop Music Factory!

2016 CBC Exhibitionist: Virtual Womb

2015 Vice Daily: Virtual Womb

2013 CBC Q: Maylee Todd

2012 Red Bull: Sound and Vision Episode 3

2010 Much More Music Juiced Segment: Host and Writer


2015 Philadelphia Cream Cheese

2013 TELUS Mobility 


2017- 2018 CBC's Working Moms: Music Production; Stings, Title Cards, and Transitions Season 2

2016- 2017 CBC's Working Moms: Music Production; Stings, Title Cards, and Transitions Season 1


2018- Present Private Mixing in Ableton Sessions with James Peck Native Instruments Specialist

2017 Self- Sustaining Earthship Building

2015-Present Private Waccking Training Sessions with Diana Reyes aka Fly Lady Di

2017- Present Private Contemporary, Acro and Modern with Monica Sombrara at York Dance Academy. 

2017- Present. Ballet with Laura Day York Dance Academy

2000-2002 Hip Hop Dance 

2004-2004 Comedy Writing and Performance Humber College

2001-2002 Performing Arts at George Brown College

1994- 1996 National Music Camp 

1992 Peter Pan in Peter Pan Music Theatre Newmarket School Of Dance and Theatre Arts 

1990-1991 Tap at Newmarket School Of Dance and Theatre Arts 

1990-1991 Jazz at Newmarket School Of Dance and Theatre Arts


2013 Wacck Revolt Soundtrack Reel Asian Film Festival

2010 A Lullaby Lucious and Sumat: A Film based on the works of Maylee Todd - Written by Avin Compana and Maylee Todd. Premiered at the 23rd Annual Conquest Festival in San Jose


2015 Artscape Gibraltar Point

2013 Artscape Gibraltar Point: New Traditions Program

RADIO: Live Performance and Interview

2018 No Fun Radio Vancouver, B.C

2018 J-WaveTokyo, Japan

2018 Yokohama 84.7 Tokyo,  Japan

2017 Soul Circle Radio Los Angeles, California

2015 KCRW with Anthony Valadez! Los Angelas, California

2013 CBC Big City Small World with Garvia Bailey Toronto

2014 CBC Radio Canada: Definitely not the Opera with Sook Yin Lee, Vancouver, B.C

2014 CBC Radio Canada: Metro Morning. Toronto

2013 FM Port 79.0 Tokyo, Japan

2013 World navigation 81.3 J-Wave Tokyo, Japan

2013 BPM Yokohama Radio Live 84.7 Tokyo, Japan

2013 Block FM Radio Tokyo, Japan

2013 J- Wave Tokyo Hot 100 Tokyo, Japan

2012 KCRW with Anthony Valadez Los Angela, California


2018 Vogue Japan

2018 Wooly Magazine Japan

2017 The Coast Halifax: Sure Thing Virtual Womb

2017 NOW Magazine: Music Preview

2016 Daily Vice: Live Long and Party at Tiff's Star Trek Art Bash 

2016 Toronto Life: Star Trek Party

2016 Versions: Experimental: Going into the Womb with Maylee Todd 

2015: CBC Arts Exhibitionists: Virtual Womb

2015: Daily Vice: Paris Climate Wrap, Sobriety Coach Demons, Maylee Todd's Virtual Womb

2014 NOW: The Scene: Ark Analog

2014 Flare Magazine: Ark Angel

2013 Fudge Magazine, Japan

2013 Bounce Magazine, Japan

2013 Nylon Magazine, Japan

2013 Monocle Magazine, England

2013 Exclaim! Magazine Prism Prize, Toronto

2013 February NOW Magazine: Maloo. Toronto

2013 August NOW Magazine: Maylee Todd’s Planetarium, Toronto

2013 April NOW Magazine, Toronto

2013 April The Globe and Mail, Toronto 

2013 April The Grid, Toronto

2013 The Uniter, Winnipeg

2011 Transmusicles: La Cite, France

2011 Feb. Eye Weekly: Maylee Todd at Wavelength

2011 April Canadian Music Fest

2010 Dec Exclaim: What I play. Toronto

2010 June Exclaim: DR and YYZ

2010 June NOW: NNNN Album Review

2010 July Exclaim

2010 June Eye Weekly: Acting Out

2010 NOW: Power to the Pegwee

2010 Shameless Magazine: Maylee Todd Choose’s her Own Adventure

2010 The Globe and Mail: Soul proprietor


2018 Trackmeet meets Istolethesoul presents: From Digital to Analog

2018 Mentorship Business Entrepreneurship  at Regent Park Artscape Daniel Spectrum

2018 Ableton Live Fundamentals at Dream House 

2018 Ableton Live Workshops in partnership with Roland and CDR

2018 Ableton Live Workshop 2 Part Series Presented by Chapel Sound, Vancouver, B.C.

2018 Arts Entrepreneurship and The Power Of Wit Presented by Chapel Sound, Vancouver, B.C

2018 BABAE A Workshop on Technology, and Entrepreneur Navigation

2017 Woman in Music Conference Intermediate Ableton 

2014- 2017 Mentor at Artscapes Daniel Spectrum Region Park

2016 Breaking down gear and how to create a unconventional show at Space, Vancouver, B.C.

2016 Woman In Music on Projection Mapping; Resolume, MadMapper and Ableton, Toronto

2013-2016 Mentorship Programs at Kapisanan Philippine Arts Community Centre

2015 Mentor at Skateboarding School 

2014 Performance Workshop at Girls Rock Camp at Tranzac

2014 Looping Workshop- For woman and Trans at the Tranzac

2013-2014 Female Genitalia Electronic Workshops- Creator and Teacher


2015-2018 Performed with Dancers in Virtual Womb

2018 Choreographed/Performed That’s All I’ll Do in Virtual Womb

2013 Choreographed/Performed in Baby’s Got It Music Video

2010 Choreographed/Performed numbers for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS) for across Canada Tour performing in multiple venues ranging from 200- 1000 capacity. 

2009 Choreographed/Performed for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS)


2017 Do Right Music 15 Anniversary Party, Lee’s Palace, Toronto. 

2017 Pineapple Lab MNL Fringe Closing Party, Makati, Philippines

2016 The Ballroom, Vancouver

2014- 2016 Part of Vinyl Collective

2015 Opening for Lefto

2014- 2015 Resident Dj for Camp 4

2014-2015 Resident Dj at Mill St. Brewery

2014 Summerworks 25th Anniversary 

2013 Canadian Stage Gala


Ableton Live 9, Final Cut Pro, Resolume, Mad Mapper, Quartz Composer, Maschine

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