Virtual Womb is a multimedia experience that includes projections, live video feed, dancing, installation, 3-D projection mapping and live music. 

Audience members walk through a large vulva installation, lie on the floor and watch projections on the ceiling that coincide with the live musical performance containing harp, electronics, samplers and dancers.

Virtual Womb is a place of gestation, meditation, rebirth, and deprogramming.
Where birth and death are one of the same. A place with no past and there is no fear of the future. A portal into another dimension. 
Any type of identification that may set you apart from another being; age, race, gender, education, nationality and status has no value here. We are all on neutral ground. Alien to the limited constructs made by humankind on planet earth.
Once you exit the womb you can choose to be reborn a new being, shed old programming or choose whatever you feel you need for the next chapter in your life.

ACTS OF LOVE is the title for Todd's upcoming record. It is also a portion in the show where Todd asks the audience to participate in writing down their "Act of Love" revealing an activity/practice that brings you joy/therapy and/or some kind of helpful experience. These "Acts Of Love" live on this site so that every person has access to the digital collective consciousness. There is not one way to heal the soul. 

Herstory of Virtual Womb

In the summer of 2013 Summerworks and Todd talked about the type of show she wanted to execute. Being inspired by Kid Koala's Space Cadet and Planetariums in general, she was paired up with Steven McCarthy to execute Maylee Todd's Musical Planetarium. The show was a sold out hit. 

In 2015 Todd started her venture with Psilocybin. Doing sessions that would take her deeper into her psychonaut heart. Todd started a project where she'd take on the practices of others to cultivate skill and to have an understanding of another's perspective and point of view. Todd started to collect being's consciousness in her book; When you know how to listen, everybody is the Guru and then was born Acts Of Love. In every Virtual Womb show Todd asks audience members to write down their artistic practice or what they do for therapy and this Act Of Love lives online for anyone to have access to it to Collect the Collective Consciousness

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